Reglaze your glasses

Keep your frame and Replace the lenses

If you need new prescription lenses, but would like to keep your existing glasses frame, we may be able to reglaze it for you.

Lens options and cost

To see the lenses available to you and how much they will cost, choose one of the options below.
You will find an explanation of the different lens types on our How to Order page.

Ordering your reglaze is simple

  • Download reglaze form

    Download and

    complete the reglaze

    order form for the

    lenses you require

  • Send your completed

    form and frame to

    the address provided

    on the form

  • When we receive

    your frame we will

    take payment and

    make your lenses

  • Your glasses will

    be delivered direct

    to your door within

    14 days

Before sending your frame, you need to make sure that :

You can manage without the glasses while we’re fitting the new lenses

Your lens replacement could take up to 14 days, so you need to make sure you have a spare pair of glasses to use in the meantime.

Your frame is not :

Cartier, Lindberg, Oakley sunglasses, Polaris, Serengeti, Tag Heuer or safety glasses — unfortunately, these cannot be reglazed.

Your existing frame is in good condition

Plastic frames

  • Check the plastic is still shiny and hasn’t gone dull or brittle.
  • Make sure there are no small cracks around the rim.

Metal frames

  • Check the frame is in good condition and the rims are not bent or buckled.
  • Make sure the screws holding the lenses in are not damaged.